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iBox Wifi Controller Bridge with Mi-Light technology

  • Used with the Home-Wize® or Mi-Light bulbs to create a fully controllable lighting system, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world with a wifi/data connection and a Smart Device.
  • 2.4G RF technology, controls bulbs from a distance of 30 meters. Compatible with Mi Light products
  • Works for any 2.4G RGB / RGBW light bulb, dual white LED light, down light, etc.
  • Allows you to control the lights wirelessly from your iOS 5.0 iPhone / iPad or Android smartphone / tablet with a free App (Search Mi-Light)
  • Power input: DC 5V 500mA (comes with a USB cable)

Product overview

The NEW Home-Wize® Wifi Controller The iBox2 is much like the other Home-Wize® and Mi-Light Wifi Controllers, but has the capability to adjust the colour saturation of the newer range of Home-Wize® and Mi-Light bulbs, something the older models of Wifi Controller cannot. Compatible with Mi Light products.with a simple and easy installation (Manual Included) you can create a fully controllable lighting system when used with the Home-Wize® and Mi-Light bulbs, you just pair your bulbs with the Wifi controller, download the app to your smart device for free and start using it to change the colour of the bulbs, the brightness, set up different modes, or just simply turn them on or off, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Each Wifi controller has 4 "Zones" which can each control an unlimited number of bulbs paired to them. A Zone can be assigned to an area of your home, place of work etc. and every bulb in that Zone can be controlled all together. The Wifi controller is essential if you want to control your Home-Wize® or Mi-Light bulbs using a smart device, alternatively the Home-wize® and Mi-Light Remote can be used instead, which doesn't require the use of the Wifi Controller to work. The Home-wize® Wifi Controller is also small and compact, so can be discreetly placed in your home without looking out of place, but with its white, glossy modern design it really can be placed anywhere.

RST and Power Connection

Short RST linking mode. Long press 5s to restore factory settings/ DC5V/500mA input

High Quality Material

High end PC material, with excellent electrical insulating properties, fire resistant and chemical resistant. Also with heat and low temperature resistance.