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Home-Wize® RGBW Remote, with Mi-Light Technology

  • Requires 2 AAA batteries of 1.5V ( not included )
  • 4-Zone RGB RGBW Remote Control
  • 2.4G RF Transmission Technology
  • Easy to Link and unlink new lights to the remote controls
  • Control the lights in your home with the press of a button (When used with Home-Wize® or Mi-Light bulbs)

Product overview

The Home-Wize® Remote control for Home-Wize® or Mi-light LED bulbs is a device that allows you to change light settings and control them even from a distance of 30 meters. Its structure is reminiscent of a traditional controller of this type, although the ergonomic body shape makes it more appealing to the modern home.

The simple colour wheel on the Home-Wize® Remote is easy to use, just touch the desired colour and the bulbs will change accordingly. LED light sources can be combined in the Home-Wize® system to create a more or less complex group. The remote control allows you to control the currently selected set of Home-Wize® or Mi-Light bulbs, which are in the room in which you are in.

The remote control allows you to control the colour, modes in different groups of bulbs, change the brightness or temperature of the Home-Wize® or Mi-Light Bulbs, change the program, or check the status of the bulbs.

With a simple and easy installation (Manual Included) you can create a fully controllable lighting system when used with the Home-Wize® or Mi-Light bulbs, you just pair your bulbs with the Remote and start using it to change the colour of the bulbs, the brightness, set up different modes, or just simply turn them on or off .Each Remote has 4 "Zones" which can each control an unlimited number of bulbs paired to them. A Zone can be assigned to an area of your home, place of work etc. and every bulb in that Zone can be controlled all together.